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surf fin surf fin - T1 THRUSTER


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“The key to good surfing is speed. You cant do anything without speed. And that’s the reason why I like the T1’s, they are the fastest fins I ever rode… This fin is fast and super loose but at the same time has a good hold. I cant push as hard as I want on the rail without really sliding but at the same time, I can turn super tight with it. It all comes down to speed, this fin will get you across flat sections and help you keep your speeds trough small waves. This is my fin of choice, my favorite fin right now”
— Matt Meola

The MFC T1 has become our most popular fin among our riders and customers. Designed to work as the everyday go-to thruster set for an ample array of conditions, these fins have proven to be very fast and extremely responsive. Overall these fins have a quick acceleration but a more upright profile that allows for a quicker pivot in tight turns. The RTM Moulded technology allows flex control and quick response.