glass polish

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glass polish glass polish - TOP GLASS


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    for glass


Polish for glass

Allows to remove micro-scratches and to ease scratches. Remove the calcareous film and the water stains on glass surfaces without leaving any scratches. As it is a paste, there are no drips or losses contrary to liquid formulations. Brings back the transparency at glass surfaces. Leave an hydrophobic film which delays incrustation of water stains. Mineral mixture with oxide of cerium.
Clean the zone to be polished and wet it. Optimum performances will be obtained with the use of an orbital machine. Polish in wide movements in order to not warm the glass. Clean again the treated zone. Wet again and repeat the polishing several times until the obtaining of the shine or transparency wished. Finish by polishing the surface with a soft microfiber. Do not apply to hot surfaces or exposed surfaces into direct sunlight.

700 grs =+/-12 m2