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marine toilet / electric marine toilet / electric - LAGUNA SILENT


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Electric silent (hydrovacuum): The new line of fitted design bowls in vitreous china makes this toilet very comfortable and nice to be seen, just like a home toilet. The base is in anti-crash material. It can be installed either above or below the sea level. Matromarine has realized a range of toilets where performance, reliability, noise level and design have really reached the highest standards. The running cycle is completely automatic and eliminates wastewater through a high-performance pump that allows drainage of waste up to 7 m. in height and at a distance of 70 m.
This hydrovacuum toilet can use an automatic water system or a flush pump installed onboard for water inlet. It is fitted with an
electronic switch to regulate automatically water inlet and outlet at 2 different stages: first the bowl is filled up with clear water, and
then waste is discharged by leaving the bowl empty and clean. Equipped with digital control panel and wooden seat with stainless
steel hinges Deluxe toilet can be installed indifferently with a centralized system or with a single system. Deluxe can also operate
as a bidet: in fact, it is possible to supply it equipped with an optional bidet fitting. The water consumption is very low (about 1 –
2,5l) Equipped with a control panel and wooden seat with stainless steel hinges. Flush pump or electrovalve to be ordered apart.
Available in the following 5 colours: champagne - light green - black - indigo blue - white. Luxury have as additional a soft close
wooden seat with stainless steel hinges included. Connection 19 mm inlet, 38 and 25 mm outlet.