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sit-on-top kayak / inflatable / whitewater / solo
Rover 120



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Driftsun Rover 120 Inflatable Single Person Whitewater Kayak
Paddle and Conquer
The Driftsun Rover 120 Single Person Inflatable Kayak is an adventure ready kayak perfect for thrill seekers and casual paddlers alike. This versatile kayak package performs exceptionally well in both rough white water and open flat water. This package combines the highest quality materials, workmanship and top-notch accessories at an unbeatable price. Driftsun Inflatable Kayaks were born on the lakes and rivers of Northern California. Thoughtfully designed, constructed and tested by a team that lives to paddle.

Rocker Profile - Created with a traditional river runner outline, this inflatable kayak can handle up to class III and IV rapids.
High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor – Rivals the feel of a hard kayak, but much lighter! It provides rigidity, responsiveness and stability.
Reinforced Layered PVC Construction – Provides a double layer of protection, allowing the kayak to safely bounce off rocks, logs and other whitewater obstacles without worries of damage.
Removable Rear Tracking Skeg – Can be quickly detached for whitewater and storage (eliminating obstruction) or left attached for superior tracking performance in flat water.
(7) Rapid Self Bailing Drain Plugs - Leave these ports open when navigating white water for quick and effortless draining of the cockpit. Leave closed when paddling flat water to stay high and dry.