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wakesurf board

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wakesurf board wakesurf board - Gromp


The next generation of surf professionals are our kids and we created a board just for them! The Gromp is FAST and grabs the push of the wave making it the perfect board for your grom to learn and progress. They will find it’s shape easiest to get up on. While it’s speed will give them the confidence to surf ropeless.

The Driftsun Gromp combines the traditional aspects of a longboard - soft rails, wider tail, and a full traction pad, with a thruster fin set up for the perfect balance of speed and stability. Those softer rails will give added control in the sweet spot. It’s size maneuverable size allows for kid riders to begin performing tricks like 360s, ollies, and switches. Can easily be ridden on a smaller wave, transfer to a bigger wave for bigger fun.

With top quality construction this board will stand true to the test of time. FCS style fin boxes allow you to mix and match other fins to adjust your riding style. The Gromp allows for 2 fin configurations. Thruster (3 fin) set up will give your young grom plenty of forward push and grip to start making those big bottom turns – Recommended for beginner riders. While the Twin (2 fin) set up will give a looser feel, more control in the sweet spot, and allow them to break the fins free for sharper slashes – Recommended for more experienced riders.

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