work boat / catamaran / inboard / aluminum



  • Type:

    work boat

  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    14.99 m (49'02")


The ALUSAFE CAT 15 is a low wash workboat catamaran built with proven hull design. The ​ALUSAFE CAT 15 ​comes equipped with two engines with gear and CP propellers. The catamaran has a fully redundant propulsion system.

The boat can reach a speed of more than 25 knots depending on engine installation. Both the hull and superstructure are built in marine grade aluminium. The boat has a high degree of flexibility and can be fitted with up to 4 cabins and galley.

The boat can be specified as a cleaning and fishnet inspection boat. The boat has two capstans, one of 3,0 ton and one of 8,0 ton. As an option, a deck crane of 20 ton may be installed. There is also a possibility for an additional smaller deck crane to be fitted.

Another option is a winch of 20 ton. Other features are safe deck equipment’s such as "Haikjeft", safety twister, safety rope guiding, guardrail, towing pullers, safety link, SHT safe work and Safety chain lock.)

Navigation equipment according to class requirements and customer request.

The vessel has a total fuel capacity of 8000 litres, (2x4000 ltr.). Freshwater capacity 3500 litre.

The vessel is built according to Maritime Partner's high standards.

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