heavy-duty handling trailer / shipyard / self-propelled / remotely controlled
TM Series



  • Use:

    for heavy-duty handling

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    self-propelled, remotely controlled, all-wheel steering

  • Payload:

    Max.: 100 t (110.23 us ton)

    Min.: 20 t (22.05 us ton)


The Self-Propelled Transporter from Marine Travelift is designed to help optimize the efficiency and profitability of marinas and boatyards. The transporters are narrower than a boat hoist which allows the user to park boats closer together in the boatyards.

This tighter packing of boats can virtually double the storage capacity of the yard. The unit can also increase peak lifting capacity of the marina by up to 70%. The open-end design of the transporter allows operator to move the load precisely anywhere, without having to pre-lift the boat into position.

It has a crab steering feature, which is designed to provide the operator with the ability to maneuver the boat diagonally into position. The 4-corner steering feature enhances maneuverability of the transporter.