nautical gangway / for docks / for recreation centers / floating



  • Application domain:

    nautical, for docks, for recreation centers

  • Type:

    floating, self-supporting, articulated, opening

  • Operation:

    manual, motorized

  • Other characteristics:

    with handrails, custom, kit, polyethylene



Thanks to the Eco-System's cubes and their countless possibilities, it is possible to create a floating bridge connecting two riverbanks, whether it be temporary or permanently. The type of aquatic environment does not matter: cubes are suited both for calm waters (lake and rivers with a low flow) and for sea and ocean thanks to their modularity and flexibility.

The connexion between the pontoon and the bank can be made thanks to a cubes footbridge in order to facilitate the access even for persons with reduced mobility. The pontoons anchoring and mooring are made by including environment specificities on the installation site (type of underwater ground, bathymetry, existing systems on site, etc.). Each project is different and a prior study allows us to determine the most adapted and economic systems to use.