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foiling water bike / 1-person



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It took the best aeronautical, hydrodynamic, mechanical, electrical engineers to overcome the complexities of hydrofoils and propeller positioning to create more speed, better balance, and the ability to submerge launch- a world first.
The knowledge gained from designing numerous combinations of foils refined and pioneered the new, smooth, easy to use hydrofoil combination. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability in all types of water-terrain.

Hoerner Tip design to minimise drag and extend effective wingspan.
Easily assembled and disassembled with two Allen-key bolts into the bayonet mount and front tiller.
Rear wingspan measures 2m. Front wing, 1.2m
Nicknamed the “general purpose foils”, and can be used on a the widest range of ‘water-terrains’ E.g. Lakes, rivers, and the ocean.
Carbon fibre reinforced nylon propeller creates a perfect balance producing thrust at low speed and reducing drag at top speed.