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double-handed sailing dinghy / regatta / symmetric spinnaker / single-trapeze
International 470



  • Crew:


  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:

    symmetric spinnaker, single-trapeze

  • Sailing dinghy class:


  • Length:

    4.7 m (15'05")


At Mackay Boats we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the 470.

Over the past couple of years sailors have been telling us that they want a boat that is easy to sail now that they are using so much energy body pumping.

We got Nathan Wilmot and Jo Aleh to sit down with our Naval Architect to review how 470 sailing had changed over recent years and how we could make a better boat for Enoshima 2020.

The new mould is closer to our very sucessful 2000's design that won so many regattas during that period.

To do this we added a little bouyancy in the back of the boat which will make it easier to steer in waves and easier to catch small waves downwind. There is also a little bouyancy added in the front to balance the changes in the stern.

The changes are hard to see, but we know how 470 sailors are able to feel the smallest of changes and turn them into winning results.

The first boats from the new mould will be sailing Auckland in November 2017 and competing in Miami 2018.