shipyard high-pressure cleaner / mobile / electric drive / for hull cleaning



  • Application domain:


  • Type:


  • Compression:

    electric drive

  • Product applications:

    for hull cleaning


Easy Energy 220

This machine is powered by a single phase 220v electric motor, ideal for light to moderate duty where the convenience and accessibility of 220 voltage is a deciding factor (also available in 110v). This model can be plugged in at any marina pontoon or driven by a simple 4kw generator.

Patented cavitation pistol that does not require a retro-jet (PA2012U000008) Sturdy stainless steel frame and large-diameter tired wheels (320mm) Remote control switch and ignition switch Special motor-pump coupling for intensive use Professional high-performance pump with cranck connecting rod system, ceramic pistons, brass head, bronze rods Professional pressure regulator with bypass and pressure gauge Brass inspection suction filter Double sight oil-level Pressure accumulator to protect pump motor group Temporized full stop CE marked