dock gangway / with handrails / aluminum

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dock gangway / with handrails / aluminum dock gangway / with handrails / aluminum


  • Application domain:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    with handrails, aluminum


MAADI Group can design and manufacture your aluminum pedestrian bridge according to American or Canadian design codes. Aluminum’s high strength, low density and natural protection against oxidation are the most interesting characteristics for this structural application. We can provide full engineering and manufacturing services to meet your project goals.

Our aluminum pedestrian bridges are designed by professional engineers experienced in pony truss bridge design and top chord stability criteria, utilizing elastic lateral restraints. We use the latest developments such as finite element analysis technology to optimize our structures. Our half-through and through aluminum pedestrian bridge models can span up to 130 feet. These bridge solutions are not only functional and low maintenance, but will add aesthetic beauty to your project. Our bridges can be seen in these areas:

Trail Bridges
Bicycle Path Bridges
Golf Course Bridges
Recreational Bridges
Vehicular Access Bridges

The welding of our bridges is done by experienced and certified aluminum welders according to AWS D1.2 and CSA W47.2 standards. Aluminum parts are joined to each other by means of GMAW welding techniques with welding procedure specifications (WPS). Aluminum alloy 6061 and filler 5356 are used in the bridge structure.

Retrofit existing narrow bridges with new aluminum walkways

Many existing bridges were originally designed without pedestrians/bicycles in mind. As a result, space for walkways on these bridges is non–existent. MAADI Group has developed a walkway system designed to be cantilevered from the existing bridge structure.