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monohull / racing / open transom / canting keel

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monohull / racing / open transom / canting keel monohull / racing / open transom / canting keel - SPEEDDREAM


  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Appendages:

    canting keel

  • Length:

    8.5 m (27'10")


· Delta-shaped hull, almost triangular in plan view, with a very narrow, wave-piercing bow to reduce resistance and improve seaworthiness.· Maximum stability and sail carrying capacity due to the innovative Ultimate Canting Keel™ with a bulb that comes out of water to provide the highest possible Righting Moment while completely eliminating drag.· Telescoping keel that retracts to reduce draft while in harbor and extends while sailing to maximize Righting Moment.· Stabilizing foils to further improve stability and reduce drag by partially offsetting boat weight. Similar to the DSS foils pioneered by Hugh Welbourn, SpeedDream wings are used in combination with canting keel and, in addition to lift, provide lateral resistance.· The resulting stability is far superior to all current keel boats while requiring only fraction of the ballast, thereby significantly reducing the total boat displacement.· The innovative and practical deck layout and superstructure styling that keeps crew safe and deck free of excess water even at high speed.

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