catamaran express cruiser / hydro-jet / outboard / diesel-electric hybrid with solar energy
LS Escape 11 sea/river



  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:

    hydro-jet, outboard

  • Power source:

    diesel-electric hybrid with solar energy

  • Number of engines:


  • Deck layout:


  • Intended use:

    cruising, canal

  • Materials:


  • Style:

    traditional, trawler

  • Number of places:

    6-person max.

  • Below-deck configuration:

    6-berth, with 2 or 3 cabins

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    Max.: 12.4 m (40'08")

    Min.: 11 m (36'01")


Aluminum catamaran, lighter and more maneuverable than traditional riverboats, is build a house any comfort as well as a pleasant way to travel, both on rivers and canals and offshore.
This boat is exactly adapted to the Canal du Midi template, which can be traversed without removing linkage.
It is a simple and comfortable boat, suitable for boating today. It is suitable for long journeys and brings the possibility of totaleautonomie. Its low driving resistance predisposes to a water jet propulsion.
Using current computer technology, its manufacturing precision is maximum and the rapid and efficient construction.
Unlike conventional barges, MIG CAT 11 is a catamaran, thus having two thin shells V in front, not "pushing" no water, with very rounded sections then to minimize the wetted area and provide low resistance to progress.
The special feature of the boat is to have all the facilities on the same level. Only the front range was enhanced to the sea, and has two small cabins.
In front of the wheelhouse there is a living area equipped with large sofas, very useful to the expectations of locks but also allow six people, if necessary, to come together around a meal or just a drink.
A version with steps down to the sea is possible.
The large living area is level with the quarterdeck, and opens with a sliding aluminum window with brick partition, completely freeing the passage.
In this space will first find the kitchen and the dining room (square), constituting the living space "day".
Two bedrooms with queen size bed one another, separated by a corridor, a bathroom and a laundry room (washing machine) and toilet.