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patrol special vessel
32m - RRCS



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Recent confidential design work on a significant multi-hull military vessel has improved LOMOcean’s understanding of reduced detection technologies.

This has resulted in the subsequent development of a range of fast, mono-hull patrol and interceptor craft that marries 'stealth' technology with LOMOcean's design pedigree in high speed para-military craft, including the 60 knot KB90 series for Malaysian Customs.

Carbon fibre foam sandwich construction offers reduced radar cross section and minimal magnetic/eddy current and thermal signatures.

Low structural weight contributes towards improved speed and range for a given installed power and fuel capacity, or increased payload and weight of protective armour.

Fatigue properties are orders of magnitude better than aluminium and steel and corrosion cannot occur. This reduces maintenance down time and costs.

LOMOcean’s technology transfer and training programmes allow construction of this advanced design in developing nations, permitting delivery of high performance, modern vessels at significantly reduced cost.

This 32m version is intended for coastal patrol, surveillance and interception duties and is manned by two officers and up to twelve ratings, including special forces combatants capable of being deployed by fast RIB for boarding purposes.