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halyard / sheet / double-braid / for cruising sailboats



  • Type:

    halyard, sheet

  • Structure:


  • Application domain:

    for cruising sailboats

  • Core material:

    Dyneema® core

  • Sheathing material:

    polyester sheath


LIROS Taper Pro is the ideal line for latest generation of headsail furlers. This high-strength Dyneema® line offers a smooth transition from thick to thin for optimal handling. The thick cover provides excellent grip, while the thin end enables easy rolling, even under heavy load with small diameter furlers.Perfect as a low-stretch halyard for boats from 25-35 feet.

• working stretch < 1.5%

• optimum grip on winches

• easy reefing, safe manoeuvres

• perfect solution for tapered halyards