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    for aquaculture, fish farming

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SOLVOX®B is a flexible, low-cost oxygenation solution that doesn’t require any power source besides the oxygen tank pressure, making it ideal for emergency oxygenation situations. The SOLVOX B is a high quality perforated hose always at the ready to produce oxygen. When the oxygen supply is turned on, the pores of the diffuser hose open, producing small bubbles, i.e. oxygen. If no more oxygen is required, the oxygen is cut off and the pores close.

Advantages of SOLVOX B

Low investment cost
No external energy supply required
High flexibility of oxygen transfer
Fast and easy installation
Easy adaptation to any tank shape
UV-resistant hose material for long service life
Cylinder and bulk supply schemes to suit individual needs
Stripping (removal) of unwanted gases like nitrogen
Oxygen supply during live fish transport

SOLVOX CD is a high-performance, aluminium-housed oxygen dissolving solution. It is the ideal way to provide additional oxygenation to individual tanks or raceways and to supply oxygen in emergencies.

SOLVOX CD ceramic dissolvers produce gas in the form of micro-bubbles that start dissolving at low pressure and can also help produce an aeration/stripping effect for unwanted gases.

Advantages of SOLVOX CD
No external energy supply required
Ideal for emergency and peak-demand oxygenation
Reduction in stress and mortality during live fish transport
Stripping of unwanted gases
Cylinder and bulk supply schemes to suit individual needs
Flexible handling – SOLVOX CD simply placed on tank base (no support required)