genoa sheet control car / double

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genoa sheet control car / double genoa sheet control car / double - HTX


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Lewmar introduces the HTX Traveller Range to complement the HTX Block Range. This range of travellers has come from many years of design and manufacturing experience and collaboration with boat builders, designers and sailors. At the core of the HTX Traveller Range is the Captive Ball Traveller. Featuring the neat, stylish retention of the ball bearings within the car, the Captive Ball Traveller is simple to install and easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance without the risk of losing ball bearings.

Ideal for boats up to 16 metres (49 foot)
Minimalistic car body made of fewer parts
Compact, one-piece aluminium body and composite end caps designed with smoother lines
Available in multiple configurations, including single or double control line sheaves, becket and cam cleat
Compatible slide-rod Genoa car with Stirrup
Three individual ball races: The first two allow fast movement of the car under vertical load and the third allows smooth running of the car under deflection
Larger balls mean more ball surface exposure, increasing overall efficiency
Ball bearings circulate through an open structure allowing easy cleaning when installed
New dowel mechanism provides smooth ball circulation
Upstand receives shackle or lashed rope, removing need for a becket above the control line sheaves