sheet cordage / double-braid / for cruising sailboats / polyester core



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Application domain:

    for cruising sailboats

  • Core material:

    polyester core

  • Sheathing material:

    polyester sheath


Double braided (braid on braid) spun polyester
Langman Ropes Spunport is a double braided polyester rope. The cover is 16- or 24-braided, the core has a 16-braided construction. Because of the spun polyester cover, the spunport rope is soft/hairy, which results in an excellent grip. Because of this double braided (braid on braid) construction, the spunport rope is very flexible and easy to splice. Spunport rope is used a lot as a sheet rope in the watersports, yachts or in classic (beige) look as a sheet rope on tall ships. Besides it is also very good to use as a hoistrope in for examples theaters as it has a soft grip/touch.