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• Lifelines with retro-reflective flecks: 24-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 braid
with 2 retro-reflective threads
• Lifelines without retro-reflective fleck: 24-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 braid
Core: 12-plait PU coated and pre-stretched Dyneema® SK78 braid.

This Dyneema® lifeline offers an excellent strength/weight ratio. It is tougher than steel, and so light that it floats.
Hard-wearing, it is rot-proof, U.V. resistant and highly resistant to chemicals. With built in retro-reflective threads, this line is highly visible at night, meaning that when out during hours of darkness, anyone on deck will find it easy to make out the boat's edges and therefore avoid accidents. Weight-for-weight, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel. It is clear that those lifelines bring significant advantages over the traditional, heavy, steel wire variants. This difference in weight is crucial, especially when racing, where everything aboard has been fine tuned and stripped out to make the boat as light as possible.