brush oil skimmer
LRB 40 W

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brush oil skimmer brush oil skimmer - LRB 40 W


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The Oil Recovery Bucket LRB 40 W system is ideal for pit cleaning and oil recovery operations on land, offshore and in Arctic conditions. The LRB is a light bucket skimmer that is based on the proven Lamor stiff- brush wheel technology and it automatically separates oils, emulsions and oily debris from sea water or soils.

The LRB 40 is deployed in a stationary position in skimming operations from a e.g. vessel crane, dredging machine or excavator. The LRB system is unaffected by the floating debris and the free water content in recovered oil is less than 2 %. The skimmer brush can be operated in both directions depending of the oil type. The LRB 40 can be deployed rapidly and operated by a small crew. When the system is not in use, it is stored in its own storage cradle that can be used as a washing basin for cleaning the unit.

The LRB 40 has proven its efficiency in continuous recovery operations in all climatic conditions and terrains and its recovery capacity is certified by Bureau Veritas.