multi-brush oil skimmer
Minimax 12 LAMOR



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The Minimax 12 is a light, portable oleophilic brush skimmer, designed to recover oil from shorelines, harbors, rivers and lakes. The skimmer has proven its efficiency in continuous recovery operations in hundreds of oil spills worldwide, in all climatic conditions and varying types of spilled oils.

The Minimax 12 utilizes the well proven Lamor brush wheel system, which combines high oil recovery capacity with a low free water pick-up rate of less than 5 %. The brush wheels recover any floating oils which remain fluid.

The weight of the hand portable Minimax 12 is only 28 kg (62 lbs). The body of the skimmer is made of fiberglass. The skimmer is entirely hydraulic operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is designed to be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system.

The maximum capacity in ideal conditions is 45.4 m³/h (200 gpm) and is certified by Bureau Veritas.