anchor buoy / with signal light / solar

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anchor buoy / with signal light / solar anchor buoy / with signal light / solar - GRIPPY LIGHT


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    with signal light, solar


Entirely made in Italy, this product was awarded by the ADI, Association for Industrial Design in Genoa in 2016.

It is equipped with 2 sealed chambers where mechanical and electrical components are located.

Extremely light and compact (diameter 20 cm, for 1.2 kg only).

The balcony hook is standard in the Light version.

The first buoy to be equipped with a 25 meter rope.

The rope is made of high woven HMPE (High Modulus PolyEthylene) 100% dyneema, does not absorb water.

It is automatically adjusted according to the depth of the seabed and remains vertical to the anchor.

Grippy is equipped with a visual indicator of day, removable for easy storage, as well as rings for its recovery.

How it works

Fix the rope of the buoy to the anchor's rope.
The rope unrolls automatically when the anchor descends.
After anchoring, the buoy remains vertically anchor allowing its location.
Relieve the anchor if it is stuck.
Due to its unique design it is distinguished from other floating objects.