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KF 32... 112

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ship pump ship pump - KF 32... 112


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:


  • Fluid:

    oil, for fuel

  • Technology:



Transfer Gear Pumps KF are used for pumping a wide variety of fluids.
Transfer Gear Pumps KF are distinguished especially by their wide range of variants which are assembled as required on the modular principle and also permit subsequent upgrade. The pumps are also suitable for media with low lubricating properties. The mounting position can
be chosen arbitrarily. The KF 32...112 with universal valve also promotes with varying direction of rotation of the drive shaft to the same outlet port. Principle-partly outlet port and inlet port stays the same with any drive direction. The pump housing are in gray cast iron and in
spheroidal cast iron available. The valve housing is made of spheroidal cast iron. The gear units are manufactured from high-strength case-hardening steel, hardened and mounted in special multi-compound plain bearing bushes.

The standard drive shaft is sealed by rotary shaft lip-type seal. All pump sizes incorporate helical tooth system. This feature combined with special gear geometry, results in low noise levels and reduced pressure pulsation.

Operating Notes
• The fluids should ensure a certain minimum lubricating properties, should not contain
solids and should be chemically compatible.
• Avoid dry operation.
• In order to prevent excessive overpressure, is a safety valve provided in the system.
• To drain off a partial discharge flow over a prolonged period, a separate pressure relief
valve with return line must be inserted in the reservoir.