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analysis software / weather / recording / navigation
VMM 200



  • Type:

    analysis, weather, recording, navigation, monitoring

  • Application domain:

    for ships


Based on many years of knowledge, experience and development as well as a large number of delivered sensors for attitude determination worldwide, KONGSBERG now offers a software tool to analyse motion and weather data.

The Vessel Motion Monitor (VMM) system interfaces a range of sensors for accurate monitoring of any point on a vessel. Sensors typically interfaced are Motion Reference Units (MRU), meteorological and navigation sensors. Extensive recording functionality is also included.

The VMM 200 enables the user to monitor the motion of any user defined point of interest on the ship. The system will give alarms and warnings when the motion level exceeds user-defined limits.

The VMM 200 performs statistical analysis of the time series and presents the result to the user in real time. Based on the sensor input over a given time period, statistical values are calculated and presented. Typical values are:

Average values and periods
Standard deviation
Root Mean Square (RMS)
Maximum and minimum values