digital horn / for ships 20-75 m
ETD 100/350

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digital horn / for ships 20-75 m digital horn / for ships 20-75 m - ETD 100/350


  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships 20-75 m

  • Sound intensity:

    130 dB


Many who sail under the IMO Regulations COLREG 1972 know that these rules request very high sound pressure levels for efficient signalling, yet '.'..
the sound pressure level of the vessel's own signal at the listening posts shall not exceed 110 dBA and so far as practicable should not exceed 100 dBA" (extract from IMO Regulations).
The rules are demanding a strong signal on board but without noise!
A common way to solve this 'Paradox' of COLREG 1972 is to place a whistle very high above deck. But what if even the highest point is not high enough? AWhistle with Unsymmetrical Sound Distribution is the solution!!! The novelties in brief with the horn design are:
• Concentration of the total sound radiation towards the
plane where it is needed-the horizontal plane. This means up to 10 dBA lower sound radiation
downwards (and upwards).
• Appropriate sound spread in all horizontal directions
with the strength related to the headline sound
pressure level as prescribed by IMO.