rigid kayak / sprint / marathon / racing



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    sprint, marathon, racing

  • Capacity:



What better way to celebrate our 50th anniversary than by re-imagining our longest serving K2, the Mirage. The new M.50, comes with a sharp new deck, slimmer beam and completely re-worked hull – we've combined the best of the old with the best of he new. As old as Kirton Kayaks itself, and an institution in it’s own right, the Mirage K2 truly has stood the test of time. It’s as popular now as it was when it was first conceived. Synonymous with the DW race, and a much-loved club boat, the Mirage has a fantastic turn of speed, easy handling and a forgiving mid-level stability.

It’s a hard act to follow, but as part of out our 50th anniversary celebrations, we couldn’t resist the challenge.

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