marine pump / sewage / water / diaphragm
50 / 800 -Series



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Keco’s self-priming diaphragm pumps are based on a time-tested design that has been on the market for over 40-years. Keco’s Diaphragm pumps are designed specifically for pumping sewage | Sewage pump out systems | and require infrequent maintenance. All exposed surfaces are triple coated using zinc, epoxy and urethane, and are assembled using 300-grade stainless steel hardware. Encapsulated full-opening swing check valves protect from corrosion and ensure a consistent and reliable seal for many years. These rugged Diaphragm Pumps are affordable to operate and built for the Harsh marine environment. Keco developed a pump that would stand up to a wide variety of liquids, and be able to handle the most severe conditions imaginable. Although initially targeting marine pump out applications, Keco’s diaphragm pumps have proven effective as a multi-purpose pump. Keco diaphragm pumps are capable of pumping everything from Mud to Concrete slurry and can run dry without damage.