marine pump / transfer / suction / vacuum



  • Application domain:


  • Applications:

    transfer, suction, vacuum

  • Fluid:


  • Technology:


  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 255 us gal/min (965.28 l/min)

    Min.: 11.5 us gal/min (43.53 l/min)


Keco’s Peristaltic Pumps have revolutionized the Marine PumpOut industry. With an emphasis on simplicity, Keco’s 900- Series Peristaltic pumps are Intuitive and mechanically simple. The Peristaltic concept relies on fluid being squeezed through a tubular element installed within the pump housing. As the tube is compressed pressure is created, and when the tube returns to its normally open shape suction is created.

Keco’s design utilizes Roller Technology to compress the internal hose helping eliminate friction and extending hose life. Keco’s Peristaltic pumps feature a valve-less design eliminating disruptive clogs and reducing pump harmonics (noise). Keco’s Peristaltic Pumps can generate a near perfect Vacuum (29”Hg) and create remarkable pressures (240psi) making them ideal for almost any application. With an Extensive Range of Peristaltic pumps, you can rely on the experts at Keco to assist with pump sizing and selection.