modular dock / floating / mooring / for marinas
S-jetty series



  • Type:

    modular, floating

  • Use:


  • Applications:

    for marinas

  • Material:



We build jetty systems which can be adjusted to your needs
and the contours of your shoreline. Subsequent expansions
are no problem because the systems are modular by design.
When expanding floating systems, we predominantly
utilise our tried and tested standard pontoons, usually in a
double-row configuration. The service life and the limited
maintenance costs are particularly attractive here. The framework
is constructed from saltwater-resistant aluminium
or galvanised steel. Frames are produced from stable profiles
in a ladder configuration, which can themselves be screwed
together to create a longer or wider system. The screw
connections are longitudinally flexible, but transversely rigid.
This results in a greater stability against tipping without a
loss of movement.

Verification of floatability in accordance with the standard DIN EN 14504:2004 is naturally available.
In the case of pontoons, we prefer to use our “self-bailing” and partially floodable PE-floats, tried and tested for over 20 years and
available with 200, 250 and 400 litre buoyancy. For further information refer to the section on pontoons.
Should the pontoons be damaged by external mechanical influences, these can be quickly replaced without necessitating a disassembly
of the system - work requiring a matter of minutes that can be carried out from the jetty!
The numerous flexible fastening options for cleats, outriggers etc. are adequately spaced at a distance of 100 mm. Cable ducts ease
the process of installing cables. These are located centrally, in order to ensure that they do not have a detrimental effect on the
placement of the jetty.