pneumatic horn / for ships 20-75 m

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pneumatic horn / for ships 20-75 m pneumatic horn / for ships 20-75 m - D-2


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    for ships 20-75 m


Designed for use on vessels up to 75 Meters in length, the Kahlenberg Model D-2 Air Horn is an extremely durable unit built for a lifetime of trouble-free service. The unique dual tone sound of the D-2 Air Horn has made it a favorite of commercial vessel operators around the world. This horn is also available as Model D-2CVL including manual/electric combination valve, air strainer, and whistle light installed..

For vessels less than 75 Meters in length
Meets or exceeds IMO Requirements
Low Air Consumption, operates on a wide range of air pressure
Highly reliable, virtually no maintenance required
All brass and bronze construction

Compressed Air Powered
Additional Specifications:
Fundamental Frequency
266 and 212 Hz
S.P.L. (1/3 Octave @ 1 Meter)
132 dB
Air Consumption
29 C.F.M. @ 100 p.s.i., 8 l/s @ 7 bar
Air Pressure Required
100 to 250 p.s.i., 7 to 17 bar
Electrical Power Required
Any standard A.C. or D.C. Voltage
Cast Bronze and Spun Brass
Net Weight
33 lbs., 15 kg.
None (White TGIC Powdercoat Optional)
20.5” x 15.5” x 8.5” (524x394x217)