digital horn / for ships 20-75 m

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digital horn / for ships 20-75 m digital horn / for ships 20-75 m - KB-20


  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships 20-75 m

  • Sound intensity:

    131 dB


The Kahlenberg KB-20 is an Electric Horn for marine use that produces a horn signal in excess of 130 dB (1/3 Octave Band) as required for vessels up to 75 meters in length. The KB-20 is an extremely durable and simple horn assembly proven for many years in commercial and military service.

Horn supplied complete with M-478A Oscillator Unit and optional M-477 A.C. to D.C. Power Supply
Horn is electrically powered and IMO certified for vessels less than 75 meters in length
Horn construction: High strength aluminum bell, supporting frame, stainless steel diaphragm and fasteners
Self draining design to prevent condensation and corrosion
Driver unit is totally enclosed, marine type, IP56, and equipped with 150 watt/120 Volt anti-condensation strip heater
Requires no external air or steam source

Vessel Length:
Vessels 20-75M
Electrically Powered
Additional Specifications:
Control and Heater
120/230V [50-60 Hz]
SPL (Loudness) on Total
131 dBA @ 1 meter
SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave
> 131 dB @ 1 meter
Power Consumption
500 W
1 nautical miles (IMO)
Fundamental Frequency
300 Hz ± 20 Hz
Operating Voltage
24 V.D.C. (115/230 volt A.C. with optional M-477 Power Supply)
Operating Temperature
-40ºC to +45ºC [-22ºF to +113ºF]
Alodine Treatment, Primed and Enamel coated
Degree of Protection
IP 56
Basic Dimension
949x541x394cm [37x21x15.5
Net Weight
22 kg [49 lbs]