level sensor / for boats / for ships / for tanks

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level sensor / for boats / for ships / for tanks level sensor / for boats / for ships / for tanks - DUT-E GSM
  • Level sensor / for boats / for ships / for tanks


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  • Application domain:

    for boats, for ships

  • Other characteristics:

    for tanks


DUT-E GSM is a "2-in-1 solution", which combines features of fuel level sensor and telematics unit (GPS tracker) in one body. DUT-E GSM is a fuel level sensor with built-in GPS and GSM modules, what means that DUT-E GSM can be used without any external telematics box/vehicle tracker. The data is sent to web-based telematics platform or directly to a user via SMS, e-mail or messengers.

DUT-E GSM measures fuel level and fuel volume in tank, determines unit’s location, speed, direction of movement, monitors on-board power network voltage. In case of event occurrence - sudden drop/increase of fuel volume, speeding, etc - DUT-E GSM immediately sends alarms to a user(-s).

DUT-E GSM can be used with mobile and stationary objects - land vehicles (trucks, construction, agricultural, railroad), small watercrafts and in stationary tanks (storages, diesel generators, etc).

Benefits from using DUT-E GSM
- reliable data on current fuel volume in tank, fuel tank refiling volumes;
- prompt detection of fuel theft (fuel draining) from a tank;
- GPS tracking of object's position
- defining speed and direction of movement (for mobile vehicles)
- possibility to operate without web-based telematics server.