Nomex® honeycomb panel / aluminum

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Nomex® honeycomb panel / aluminum Nomex® honeycomb panel / aluminum


  • Material:

    Nomex®, aluminum


Manufacturing advanced composites
Juno Composites utilise manufacturing technologies including; liquid moulding techniques such as RTM (resin transfer moulding) and vacuum assisted RTM in addition to out-of-autoclave prepreg methods. We manufacture and supply numerous advanced composites sheet, plate and sandwich panel products for applications requiring low weight, high strength and stiffness characteristics utilising carbon fibre, aramid fibre, glass fibre and basalt fibre reinforcements.

CNC profiling advanced composites
Supporting our customers and helping them minimise their fabrication times and mitigating their health and safety requirements by precision cutting profiles to their specification when supplying any of the moulded carbon fibre products we manufacture. We provide cut carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibre or basalt fibre reinforced sheets, plates and sandwich panels.

Testing and analysis services
At Juno Composites we understand that mechanical and thermal property prediction is vital to the uptake of new and unfamiliar materials and manufacturing technology into any industry. Basic requirements for all new materials are that they can be modelled and their performance predicted within reasonable limits. We can provide you with design and analysis services in addition to test validation tailored towards the specific requirements of your end product and application.

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