weir oil skimmer / V / sheltered waters / river
Oilkiller Smart

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weir oil skimmer weir oil skimmer - Oilkiller Smart


  • Type:

    weir, V

  • Other characteristics:

    sheltered waters, river


Oilkiller Smart is the transportable version of Oilkiller.

It has been designed to perform all the characteristic operations of the fixed-hull version, but thanks to the lightness of its structure, the small dimensions and above all the foldable hulls, it can be transported on light trucks and naval vehicles to operate anywhere in the world.

Oilkiller Smart is ideal for emergency interventions close to its own mooring, by truck transport, or for interventions on the high seas, by embarking it onboard a ship. Finally Oilkiller Smart can be loaded into a small container to be shipped around the world.

The loading and unloading maneuvers are simple and very fast, thanks to the bolts that avoid the need of bands and to the application of hinges controlled by hydraulic pistons that allow to open and close the hulls acting with a remote control controlled by a single person.

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