weir oil skimmer / V / sheltered waters / river



  • Type:

    weir, V

  • Other characteristics:

    sheltered waters, river


OilKiller is a work boat to clean up seas, lakes and rivers from oily spots. It is ideal for marinas, promenades, civil and industrial marinas and tourist areas.

- Anyone can use it: one person is enough and does not require a boat license or specialization.
- The boat navigates through the oily patches, filters the intercepted flow and the pollutants are stored.

- Ideal on the more very thin spots but also useful for larger pollutions.
- It does not generate pressure waves in front of the collector, maximizing the amount of pollutant collected.

- Simple design, robust and reliable for maximum efficiency and minimum chance of breakdowns.
- The boat and the operator carry out the activity without getting dirty, so frequent cleaning is not necessary.
- The only energy required to navigate is the one of the engines.

The Oilkiller collector intercepts the surface of the water on which the pollutants are located and conveys them to the Filter-box. Here the flow passes through elements containing graphene which absorb the oily substances up to 90 times their own weight. The cleaned flow exits and returns to the water without further steps.

OilKiller is based on two patents:
- Patent N° EP267569781 - Device and method for recovering solid and / or liquid substances floating in a liquid mass.
- Patent N° EP15181640 - Separating and collecting device for water cleaning.

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