sailboat rudder blade

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sailboat rudder blade sailboat rudder blade


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Jefa Marine produces a wide range of standard rudder blades for boats from 22 to 60 feet length. This unique product line offers the boat builder a modern rudder blade without investing in expensive molds. The rudders are made in our modern GRP factory and are available in nine sizes depending on the boat size.

What makes the Jefa rudder blades unique and distinct from all other rudder blade producers and yard made rudder blades is the production in solid aluminium molds (see the pictures at the right). This unique production method allows very high pressures to be used in the gluing and foaming process. Traditional glass fiber molds don’t allow any pressure from inside the blade, so one can’t be sure of a good bonding of both sides.

Another unique feature is the overlapping parts of the blades. This feature substantially strengthens the blade integrity making it nearly impossible to split. Traditionally the rudder halves are glued heads on together, allowing only a very small contact area which causes the blade to split easily.

The cross section shown in the picture at the right side perfectly shows all advantages of our unique production method. Due to the high pressure foam filling system, the foam is guaranteed present in all remote ends of the blade so no air pockets can be present. Also well visible is the large overlap at the front and the huge glue contact area at the aft side of the rudder blade.