interior decoration marine upholstery fabric / artificial leather
Lorica ® Series



  • Applications:

    interior decoration

  • Material:

    artificial leather


Lorica is both innovation and evolution: it has aesthetic and tactile qualities similar to natural leather, as well as the characteristics of recently developed materials. Structurally, it has a classic full-grain appearance on the outside, while the inside is typical of suede.

Lorica is a compelling choice for all the applications for which it is intended, because it is fully customisable depending on the area of use:

– It can be printed, stitched and glued;

– It can be joined at high frequency and bonded with other materials;

– It can be cut easily, without fraying. It is easy to clean and adapts to hard or soft, simple or complex forms;

– It has good air breathability, and water vapour permeability values superior to any other synthetic product;

– It is water repellent;

– It is resistant to tears, cuts, scratches, and has high colour fastness against light;

– It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin;

– It is soft and elegant, and any marks can be easily removed. Over time, it maintains not only its aesthetic and tactile qualities, but also its technical features. (The Lorica product requires a minimum order and can be produced from a colour sample).