spearfishing suit / freediving / wetsuit / long-sleeve



  • Applications:

    spearfishing, freediving

  • Type:


  • Cut:

    long-sleeve, two-piece, with hood

  • Thickness:

    5 mm, 7 mm

  • Sex/age:



Seriole Stretchy Camo The Seriole Stretchy Camo is the combination of the Yamamoto 39 neoprene and a new material called Stretchy nylon. Elasticity, flexibility and lightness are the main characteristics of the Yamamoto 39 so combined with the Stretchy nylon with its perfect camouflage design, the Serole Stretchy Camo is the perfect suit for freediving and spearfishing. External Stretchy nylon, preformed anatomic design for the arms and legs, assembled by double bounding and double stitching ended by a coverseam with stop strap. The stitches are reinforced with glue at their intersections. Elbows and shins are reinforced with Supratex. The hood as well as the wrists and ankles are ended with soft cuffs ensuring a perfect seal.. The thermo molded loading pad provides a perfect comfort. To prevent wear and reinforce the fittings, the beaver tail and the lower front of the suit are coated on both sides with nylon. The suit is available in two thicknesses: 5 mm and 7 mm – from size 1 to size 6. Both farmer John pants or high waist pants are available.