boat radio / fixed / HF / with DSC



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:


  • Network:


  • Function:

    with DSC


Advanced DSP marine radio with compact remote head
Digital Signal Processor

The digital IF filter provides flexible filter settings for narrow bandwidth signals without having to install an optional filter.
Built-in ITU Class E DSC

The IC-M802 conforms to Class E DSC requirements, vital for your safety at sea.
One touch e-mail button*

The e-mail button allows quick access to the pre-programmed e-mail frequency list.
Automatic antenna tuner, AT-140

The optional AT-140 easily connects to the radio without opening the casing. The tuner through function can be used with the AT-140.
Other features

4×8-inch remote controller and 4×4-inch external speaker
Large LCD with dot matrix characters
Channel and Group dials offer easy channel selection and operation
Powerful 150W (PEP) output
0.5 to 29.9999MHz wideband receiver
DIN and RS-232C connectors for external equipment
NMEA 0183 interface included
1035 ITU, 160 programmable and 160 e-mail channels are available