marina crane / pivoting jib



  • Application domain:

    for marinas

  • Type:

    pivoting jib

  • Working load:

    30,000 kg (66,138.7 lb)


The Aqua-Terra static power crane is specially designed to lift boats from the water on a trailer or cradle. Operation is remote controlled.

The Aqua-Terra 30 is standard equipped with four chain hoists, optional are four cable hoists. Also optional is a mast crane for sailboats. This crane is also radio remote controlled. When a mast crane is built on the Aqua-Terra, the railing and stairs are made of stainless steel. The aqua-Terra 30 can rotate 360 degrees CW and CCW.

• All static power cranes from our competitors have the drive gear for turning left and right on the top and of the tower. Our crane is driven half way on a rail that is welded around the crane. This means the gears are further outside, which means the E-motor has greater leverage with less force required. This feature ensures a longer lifetime for the E-motor and gears.

• Also the drive gear is powered by a frequency regulator, which means the E-motor has a soft start and stop which will keep the boat from swinging.

• Our cranes have a door to get inside. This is helpful to store a pressure washer, slings or whatever needs to be stored near the crane.