inboard express cruiser / twin-engine / open / dual-console
C-32 SUN



  • Motor type:


  • Number of engines:


  • Deck layout:

    open, dual-console

  • Below-deck configuration:

    with cabin, 5-berth

  • Deck features:


  • Length:

    9.9 m (32'05")


An intoxicating mix of exquisite luxury and extreme performance; the C-32 SUN and C-32 SUN RR personify the spirit of Hydrolift. From the very beginning, our goal has been to erase the lines between performance and luxury and create a boat that is powerful, beautiful and functional. It is this tradition we have followed when designing the C-32 SUN, and the C-32 SUN RR in particular.

Unleash the 1,450 horsepower and feel the rawness of the RR model come alive as the 2-stepped carbon hull steps in to do the job it is designed for.

With less than 3 tons of dry weight, this is the fastest boat yet created by Hydrolift.

Hold on tight. It’s time to fly.