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rudder thruster / for ships / for barges / hydraulic



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships, for barges

  • Power source:

    hydraulic, diesel engine

  • Other characteristics:

    retractable, deck-mounted

  • Power:

    Max.: 584 kW (794 hp)

    Min.: 37 kW (50.3 hp)


Are you looking for a system that will allow you to sail in shallow water without any worries? Or in areas with a lot of fluctuation in water depth? Do you want to be able to easily adjust the height of the propeller to the load factor? Or do you need a system that is resilient if the unit is grounded? In all these cases, a retractable rudder propeller is the ideal solution.

The hydraulic height-adjustable Hydro-Armor units combine the properties of a ‘retractable’ system particularly with the advantages of a hydraulic rudder propeller.

The advantages of a retractable system
• Prevent damage. With the depth adjustment system, you can easily adjust the height of the propeller to differences in water depth or load.
•Optimise performance. Better performance and lower fuel consumption due to optimal water flow.
•Fully retractable. Even if the ship runs completely dry, the propeller remains undamaged.

The advantages of a tiltable system
•Easy to maintain. Dirt or rope in the propeller? Damage? Because you can tilt the propeller, you do not need the services of a diver or dockyard. This saves you a lot of time and money.
•Easy to operate. The propeller is tilted with the press of a button.
•Secure with sheer pin system. If you hit something, then the safety pins will break and the propeller will automatically tilt upwards. This prevents any damage.