recreational sport catamaran / instructional / multi-person / single-trapeze



  • Use:

    recreational, instructional

  • Crew:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    4.04 m (13'03")


With its international design, the Hobie T1 is simple and performant. The fully battened colored Dacron loose-footed mainsail (“Catalina”) with reef points and the smaller sail set (“Mistral”) available for lighter crews complete the equipment.

Everything on board is meant for ergonomics and security : molded-in rear and front handles for easy transportation, crossbar attachments with ergonomic nuts with round smooth surface, 100% waterproof crossbar and gudgeons inserts for easy assembly, anti-skid surface molded in the hulls on the deck and between the crossbars and the mast float.