boat air conditioner control unit

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boat air conditioner control unit boat air conditioner control unit


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There are three different types of controller to choose from, ranging from an economical 2-knob panel, a semi-digital control with room temperature and set point display, to a sophisticated digital controller, attractive and programmable.
The internal air distributuion is by means of a flex, duct system which is outlet to either air outlet grilles or nozzels for spot cooling.
Since the evaporator is located inside the vehicle, all return air can be drawn back for conditioning and maximum cold air discharge, thus achieving a superbly climatised circulation of air inside the vehicle.
The electrical supply is via 240 volts A.C; via an inverter from the vehicles battery system or from an on board generator.
Four different models are available ranging from 6.500 BTU to 17.700 BTU.