shipyard crane / luffing jib / pivoting jib



  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    luffing jib, pivoting jib

  • Working load:

    Max.: 5 t (5.5 us ton)

    Min.: 0.5 t (0.6 us ton)


Heavy duty mounted column slewing jib crane

Heavy duty mounted column slewing jib crane is reasonable and safe in operation. It has wide 360 degree operation scope which is suitable for machining workshop, assembling workshop, foundry, heat treatment plant, transportation, loading and unloading, spare parts to flip homework .Also,it’s with remote control device,so workman can operate from a long distance, it’s a safe and ideal modern rigger materials and equipment.
Heavy duty mounted column slewing jib crane is a small and medium-speed lifting equipment developed recently. It has characteristics of unique structure,safe and reliable operation,high efficiency,energy-saving,effort-saving,and flexibility. It can be operated under three dimensional environment. It is superior in the cases of short distance,concentrated lifting. It is widely used at various sites for various trades.