ship monitoring and control system / for tank level measurement



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:

    for tank level measurement


Product details and features:

Touch Screen Interface
Complete system control at your fingertips
Digital output of tank and pump status
Multiple tank monitoring and arrangements
Multiple pump and equipment control
Easily customized
Land Ethernet connection
Non-linear tank calibration
Non-glare Screens

Touch screen PLC monitoring and control

The Touch Screen Tank Sentry PLC is our most advanced and accurate fluid level monitoring system available. The PLC based system sports a stylish touch screen interface that is packed with smart features such as digital network communication, calibration memory back up, tank labeling, true volumetric fluid level and colored bar graph indication, programmable alarms, and pump / equipment control. Standard MODBUS interface over Ethernet connection makes integration with third party computer monitoring systems simple and painless.