container ship cargo ship / post-Panamax



  • Type:

    container ship

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    Max.: 365.6 m (1199'05")

    Min.: 279 m (915'04")

  • DWT:

    Max.: 82,500,000 kg (181,881,366 lb)

    Min.: 14,200,000 kg (31,305,641 lb)


Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction is confident that its technology is second to none. We will never lag behind the competition in the global container shipbuilding industry thanks to its specialized shipbuilding experience earned from building approximately 500 ships since 1990. Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction is developing the standard for a variety of ships including 3,400 TEU, 6,200 TEU and 8,100 TEU. We have also won orders for 12,800 TEU ultra large container carriers, the first in Korea. We will continue to build container carriers of the best quality and performance thanks to the solid reputation that we have built through the years.