ship separator / grease / vertical
GS series

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ship separator / grease / vertical ship separator / grease / vertical - GS series


  • Application domain:

    for ships

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designed to be used for pre-treatment of galley sewage for subsequent discharge into HAMANN AG Sewage Treatment Plants
with heating
certified by German TÜV Rheinland
available for 25, 50 or 100 POB

How It Works

The Grease Separator separates free fat ingredients out of the galley sewage through a multi chamber system to keep the free fat/grease and also solid dirt particles away from the downstream sewage treatment plant.

The free fat ingredients are collected inside of a grease collecting compartment.

Solid dirt particles and muddy ingredients settle down and have to be manually drained out of the solid particles compartment.

The Grease Separator is equipped with a screw-in heating unit to make the collected grease/fat ingredients flowable for the manual cleaning/draining process.