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Halton's KVF CAPTURE JET™ HOOD Benefits

• HACCP* certified.
• 30 to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates thanks to the Capture Jet™ technology.
• High-efficiency KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL, NSF and LPS 1263 classified).
• Prevention of the build-up of grease deposits, which pose a serious hygiene and fire hazard.
• Draught-free integrated supply air system for enhanced smoke capture and comfort.
• Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard.
• Exhaust airflow rates based on ASTM performance and a calculation method of the real heat loads.
• Equipped with Accuflow monitoring device, ensuring the canopies are running at designed airflows.
• Effective commissioning due to “ready to install” standard delivery packages.
• Stainless steel construction with seamless design for improved hygiene and fire safety.

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